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After two years of off-and-on lockdowns we have left Malaysia (for the next ten months) on a new adventure. Tracy was offered a 10-month contract to teach at the American International School of Zagreb, Croatia. So, on August 29th of 2021, we boarded a flight to Zagreb (via Istanbul) and arrived about sixteen hours later. Our trip and subsequent experiences as new arrivals are featured in the "Personal Archives" section, which may accessed by selecting that option from the "Legacy Links" in menu below the slideshow. In addition to adding to our personal pages, we will have now added more virtual tours of places that we visited in Croatia and Slovenia. The virtual tours from our stay are also featured (in standalone form, without text or addition photos) on the Virtual Traveler site. We look forward to sharing our adventures with you.

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Digital Photo Album
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This is a digital photo album of our
marriage in 1999 and subsequent
destinations: Beirut, Singapore,
and now Kuala Lumpur.

A catalogue of our pre-2011 trips to
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Recently uploaded travels from
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A  site dedicated to 360 degree
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Virtual Tour of the Month: Baalbek Ruins in Lebanon
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