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Not too much new in this update since we have not been traveling recently. We have spent that time to begin a thorough review each of the 54 tours to ensure all of the links are active, as well as cleaning up grammatical errors. We have nearly finished cleaning up the desktop tours and this month and will soon commence reviewing the VR Tours. During this time period we have also been investigating the use of AI-generated voices.  We took an audio clip of each of our voices and used elevenlabs.io to generate a likeness of our voices. The result is a bit unnerving. My AI voice is in the opening splash screen of the VR Roman Forum tour, while the audio narration of the tour is a text to speech process using Tracy's cloned voice. While we think the "real" voices are better (when we are in good form), the difference is smaller than we would have ever guessed!

The website has now passed 14,500 visitors, so it would seem some people have found the site valuable in their trip planning, and we hope you will too. And, please, share this site with anyone who might have an interest in these travel destinations

Again, here are the different sections of our webpage:

Thank you for stopping by our little corner of the Internet. As always, we enjoy hearing from visitors with comments or suggestions.
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Digital Photo Album
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New Links

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This is a digital photo album of our
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destinations: Beirut, Singapore,
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A catalogue of our pre-2011 trips to
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What's New in July 2024?
  • (Revisions Continue)
    • VR Mekong River Cruise
    • VR Wats of Luang Prabang
    • VR Luang Prabang
    • VR Melaka Historic District
    • VR Batu Caves
    • VR Islamic Arts Museum
    • VR Hajj: Journey Thru Ages
    • VR Bagan Archeological Zone
    • VR Polonnaruwa
    • VR Wat Phra Kaew
    • VR Phraya Nakon Temple
    • VR Quan Yin Shrine
    • VR Thung Wetlands
    • VR Dubrovnik
    • VR Pula
    • VR Rovinj

More to come. . .

July 2024 Virtual Tour: Turaida Castle, Latvia
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