Tour the Shwedagon Paya

Directions: Place your mouse on the image below. As you pass over a numbered spot, double click on that number to view the feature. When you have finished, Click on the "Close" dialogue box and return to the map, If the map links do not open, check if your ad-blocker is preventing them from loading

Shwedagon Paya Zedi Hall of the Carousel Bodhi Tree of Wisdom Eastern Entrance Hall Eastern Devotional Hall Daw Ngwe Zin's Hall Hsinbyushin's Umbrella Planetary Post for the Sun Hall of Tharyarwady's Bell Naungdawgyi Pagoda Shin Ajagona Hall Mahabodi Temple Northern Entrance Pagoda of the 8 Weekdays Northern Devotional Hall Hall of the Hairwashing 11 Shrine Cluster Ground of Victory or Wish Fulfillment Place U Po Thaung's Hall Hall of Singu's Bell Planetary Post for Rahu 64 Shrines Surrounding the Zedi Western Devotional Hall Western Entrance Hall Daw Pwint's Hall University Boycotter's Memorial Chinese Merited Association Hall Southern Devotional Hall Southern Entrance

1. South [Main] Entrance
2. South Devotional Hall
3. Chinese Merited Society
4. University Boycotter's Memorial
5. Daw Pint Tazaung
6. West Entrance Hall
7. Western Devotional Hall
8. 64 Shrines Around the Zedi
9. Planetary Post of Rahu
10. Singu's Bell
11. U Po Thang Hall
12. Ground of Victory
13. 11 Shrine Cluster
14. Hall of the Hair Washing
15. North Devotional Hall
16. Pagoda of the 8 Weekdays
17. North Entrance
18. Mahabodhi Temple
19. Strand Market 2 Pice Hall
20. Shin Ajagona Hall
21. Naungdawgyi Pagoda
22. Hall of Tharyarwady's Bell
23. Sun Planetary Post
24. Hsinbyushin's Hti
25. Daw Ngwe Zin's Hall
26. East Devotional Hall
27. East Entrance Hall
28. Bodhi Tree
29. Carousel Hall
30. Shwedagon Zedi

  Aerial Video of Shwedagon Paya by Dyl Aleksandr

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