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While there are numerous websites and apps that offer 360-degree panoramic tours, there are few that combine the immersive photographic content with in-depth historical information. This website seeks to fill that gap by providing virtual tours that offer a 360-degree perspective while also explaining their historical significance. Virtual Traveler features both desktop tours and tours that can be viewed through Google Cardboard and similar headset devices. 
The world awaits. . .

Welcome to Virtual Traveler's 2024 Update!
In short, every effort has been made to make these tours as close to a real visit as possible, and we hope that you enjoy learning about these magical destinations.

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Small VT GraphicTypes of Virtual Tours: There are two categories of tours available:

op Tours with audio narration, maps, photos and videos are featured in this version of the tours. They are more detailed than the VR headset tours and offer several different levels of information. The dropdown banner provides a basic overview of the scene, and this is explained in greater detail in the audio voiceover. The points of interest in the voiceovers in turn are also shown in the photos in each scene. Finally, short (3-7 minute videos) from the web are embedded for those wishing to know a bit more. Some of the scenes also contain aerial videos and 3D videos to provide a fuller understanding of the panorama. Below are links to either a video or a printable document explaining how best to navigate the tours.
Desktop Tour Best Practices
VR Headset Tours Every tour now also has a "VR" version for use with a headset and smartphone. These work on any headset and do not require the special versions with a capacitive button or bluetooth controller. They will also run on any other VR headset that has a built-in browser.
Below are links to either a video or a printable document explaining how best to navigate the tours.
To see the virtual tours either click on the map below (which will take you to the respective region) or use the table below to access a specific tour. San Miguel de
          Allende Luang Prabang, Laos Bagan, Myanmar Sri Lanka Agra, India Lebanon Croatia Slovenia Florence/Venice Latvia Sweden/Finland Narita, Japan Malaysia Thailand Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Americas Asia Europe Middle East







Sri Lanka


55 Tours in 45 Locations Around the World!--More to Come!

You Tube Logo The Virtual Traveler's YouTube Channel: Here you can watch video previews of the tours, as well as information relating to VR tours. Topics Include:
  • Introduction to the Virtual Traveler (how it works and additional features not on this website). It will open in a separate window.
  • Playlists include:
    • Tour Previews: Not sure where you want to go? Peruse this YouTube playlist of previews of virtual tours
    • Trip Itineraries: Links to a Google Doc with hyperlinks to each suggested itinerary
    • Tips: Links to a Google Doc with hyperlinks to videos that explain the tour features.
    • How To's (Tour Navigation) Links to Google Doc with hyperlinks to detailed videos on navigating the tours

Virtual Traveler Icon Goes HereAbout the Virtual Traveler Project
I am a retired international school teacher who enjoys visiting historic sites and creating virtual tours for students, the disabled, and armchair travelers.
I am continually building up this website, making desktop tours and "VR" versions for use with virtual reality headsets. Please bookmark or click on notifications prompt so that you can return to see what has been added. Most of the software used to make these tours is free or inexpensive, and well within the reach of most teachers and hobbyists. If you have questions about how to make these tours, suggestions for tours you would like to see, or suggestions for improving the tours on this site, please email me here.

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