Potgul Vehera (Library Monastery)

Side view of the Potgul  Vehera

Entrance to Potgul Vehera

The Potgul Vehera is located at the southernmost tip of the Polonnaruwa complex. It is a circular building on a terrace in front of the statue of Pararamabahu (or the sage). A beautiful doorframe adorns the entrance. (photo to the right) Apparently the dome of the monument was built entirely of brick using the corbelled method of brick construction. The entire interior wall was once painted. On the four corners of the upper terrace are four small stupas. The lower terrace (photo to the left) contains cells for monks. An inscription states the Parakramabahu built the Potgul Vehera. Below is a YouTube video of Potgul Vehera. Although it is in Sinahlese, it is captioned in English and provides a good overview of the temple and its history.

Video of Potugul Vehera by sridaladamaligawa kandy