Zanana Rauza

Entryway to the Zenana Rauza
          or women's tomb

Sandwiched between the tomb of Sheik Salim Chisthi and the Jamat Khana is Yaran Chatbutra or Friends Platform, where other disciples of Sheik Salim Chisthi are buried, and the Zanana Rauza, or womenís tomb, a dark suite of rooms containing graves of the women of Sheikh Salimís family. The building is actually a part of northern cloister of the Jami Mosque. The northern wall of the building contains an underground doorway connected to Salim Chishtiís house, so that women of Sheikh Salimís family could visit him during his religious discourses. Later on this building was converted into womenís graveyard. At present there are two oblong chambers parallel to the wall of the mosque, which are further divided into two chambers. Stone screens containing geometrical patterns again subdivide the outer chamber. This chamber contains grave of Bibi Mattu Lanbiri, as well as other uninscribed graves. Zanana Rauza can be entered through an elegant gateway, standing between Sheikh Salimís tomb and Jamat Khana. This is shown in the photo above. The gateway contains beautiful bands of red sandstone and marble. The central arch contains a square opening bordered by inlaid panels of red sandstone and marble. Within this square opening there is an  arch framed with beautiful floral designs. The gateway is flanked by panels containing small arches and is surmounted with beautiful kiosks and turrets.